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Solve the equation: 3 plus 8 equals

jurumasak: Manfaat Kunyit

Henry: Amazing

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Henry: Hi all

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Wibke Jackson: Riding like in a dream!

Today I had one of the most wonderful experiences in my life! A year ago I found this website on a holiday in Marbella. And although everything sounded so perfect, I must say it´s nothing compared to the real thing!!!

The people I met were just as nice as the horses. And the hotel with the stables along with the beautiful landscape were like an oasis. The actual riding was completely relaxed (although I did not often have the chance in the last years and was a bit out of practise...).

And last, but not least, the weather was absolutely gorgeous (in February!), so we had a wonderful view to the mountains of Africa.

Thank you so much, I will definitely come again! laughing


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