yoga mit IngaAs a supplement to our starride programme, we offer riding & Anusara yoga

Both riding and yoga are disciplines that demand body awareness. Putting yoga into practice will help you improve your riding skills and overall physical well being after spending hours in the saddle.
A regular Anusara yoga practice makes the body stronger and more flexible, heals injuries faster and helps to solve imbalances that naturally exist in the body. The heart and mind are invited to join this development and become more resilient and softer, peaceful and joyous, happy and balanced.
As part of the positive focus of Anusara yoga, teachers and instructors will generally not "fix" student poses, in terms of alignment, but instead, instruct the proper usage of the principles  of yoga and allow each individual to develop on their own alignment.
The yoga classes are taught at the Hurricane gym by Inga Kreisheimer.
Inga has taught yoga for over 22 years; she brings a lighthearted dynamic energy to her classes that blend philosophy, therapeutics and insightful wisdom from her own life experiences.
The classes are accessible to students of all levels.  
Anusara yoga appeals to those who want to work on both their physical and spiritual well-being.

The course helps the rider work on his/her personal difficulties (tensions in the body, shortenend muscles, etc.) on an individual level. Through training these specific bodyparts you will be able to ride the horse more efficiently and in more harmony. Elaborating your own body consciousness not only helps the rider experience his/her own body, but also the awareness of the horse will be greatly enhanced.

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