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Lisa Meenan: What a wonderful, wonderful experience!

My friend and I thoroughly enjoyed our time with Claartje, Charlotte and the horses.  We visited between 24 and 27 September 2019.  Despite feeling nervous and uncertain (I can only speak for me - my friend had much more experience than me and is a qualified assistant instructor), we felt welcomed and assured by both ladies.  

The 12 horses are all beautiful and have such special characters - they all have a history, I suggest you ask Claartje about them.  Many of them exhibited different behaviour before she owned them.  Her love and care of each is a testament to how environment impacts.  All she feels she has done is change their feed, makes sure they get ample exercise and give them as much time in open fields as possible.  It is clear they all love and respect her.

The hacks we went on were kept varied and were a mixture of going into the hills and - my favourite - along the beach.  Don't expect break-neck speeds, this could be considered quite sedate by some.  I just loved being with the horses and being present in the experience.  I have always dreamed of riding on a beach - this for me was the ultimate and I can't recommend it enough!

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Wibke Jackson: Riding like in a dream!

Today I had one of the most wonderful experiences in my life! A year ago I found this website on a holiday in Marbella. And although everything sounded so perfect, I must say it´s nothing compared to the real thing!!!

The people I met were just as nice as the horses. And the hotel with the stables along with the beautiful landscape were like an oasis. The actual riding was completely relaxed (although I did not often have the chance in the last years and was a bit out of practise...).

And last, but not least, the weather was absolutely gorgeous (in February!), so we had a wonderful view to the mountains of Africa.

Thank you so much, I will definitely come again! laughing


Renata: Great experience
Together with Hurricane Hipica met my dream: to gallop along the beach :-) all the rides were an unforgettable experience. Great horses and professional instructors. Klaartje, Antonio and Petra: I greet you very hot! I hope that I will return to Tarifa .....

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